Your Favorite Cut of Meat Is Waiting

Your Favorite Cut of Meat Is Waiting

Buy fresh beef, pork, chicken and other signature meats at Cade’s Market

There’s nothing like fresh meat to make a meal pop. Visit Cade’s Market to purchase all of your favorite kinds of meat. Our meats can be cut in any custom way you want.

We use quality products so you can enjoy meat the way it was supposed to be eaten. We sell USDA choice and select beef, including T-bones, rib-eyes, filet mignon, gravy steaks and roasts. You’ll also find a large variety of pre-packaged and sliced cold cuts. Stop by now to buy delicious meats to chow down on.

Our meat selection

We sell a variety of fresh meat at our store, including:

You’ll be amazed at how tasty fresh meat can be. Purchase your meat from us right away to prepare a hearty meal for your family.